Victor Espigares      Photographer/Photographe

 Born in Granada (Spain), with the arrival of the Digital Era to photography I rediscovered a forgotten hobby that reappeared stronger than ever, losing fast its status of "hobby". In my pictures I always try to avoid the conventionals approaches, characterizing them with my particular point of view.

Photography for me is the art to capture the imperceptible things, the kind of things you normally would not see. When I see the world through the viewfinder of my camera, I have a different perception of the environment that surrounds me. It transforms my eye, and give it the chance to see that little things that normally would not be noticed. But it has a side effect: I also become a hunter. An anonymous spectator waiting for the right moment to hunt that kind of instants that probably won't repeat never.

This selection is from different projects between 2003 and 2006. Although it can look a little bit heterogeneous at first glance, in my opinion they share the same visual perception and feeling behind them. You can see the rest of my work in my web site.

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Victor Espigares